Bat Season Is *Still* Upon Us

Here in Massachusetts, Bats will typically go into hibernation between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be careful though: They’ll hibernate right in your attic!

Remember, bats are not aggressive by nature. A loose bat flying around the house is not attacking you — it’s just looking for a way out!

PS – We now offer Attic Cleanout and Restoration services. Why is that important, you ask? Well, how else would you clean this?

Massachusetts Goes Batty

The end of May is when bat season kicks into high gear here in MA. On a positive note, the bats will help rid your property of pesky mosquitoes — but when the bats start moving into your home — that’s when the trouble begins.

Well, It’s Definitely Not Your Cologne

Lots of people ask “Why me?” There are lots of indicators!

Up until Thanksgiving (that’s when the bats go into hibernation) we’ll be traveling from Boston to Cape Cod, and all throughout Eastern MA to service our valued clients.

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