“How Do I Get Squirrels Out Of My House?”

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IMPORTANT: Squirrels are wild animals and can carry the life-threatening disease rabies. In order to avoid significant risk to you, your family, and your pets keep a great distance away from any squirrels that have entered your home.

There’s A Noise In My Fireplace!

Squirrels have certainly been known to fall down chimneys and get stuck in fireplaces all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other New England states. It’s a common occurrence and we’re well equipped to handle the situation. Even if the fireplace was left open and you have a squirrel running around your house, we will be able to deal with the problem in a quick and humane fashion so you and your family can get on with your lives. Give us a call at 508-946-0060 and we’ll discuss your squirrel situation in detail.

But a squirrel can cause much more trouble than simply getting caught in your fireplace

There are two kinds of squirrels common to the New England area. Grey squirrels and flying squirrels.

Grey squirrels are the ones you’ll see running around your backyard gathering nuts and scampering up trees. You’ll also frequently see these squirrels on sidewalks, roadways, or anywhere where there is an abundance of nut and fruit bearing trees or discarded food.

Flying squirrels sleep during the day and spend most of their time in the trees and rooftops so you won’t see them as much. They have a thin layer of skin between their wrists and hind legs that allow them to glide through the air for long distances.

Both kinds of squirrels are very nimble and can access your home through vents, gaps, and openings. Squirrels can even run across thin telephone lines or glide far distances to get to your home. Once they’re in, squirrels can cause significant damage as well as being a nuisance.

Your Attic Is Like A Deluxe Suite At A Squirrel Hotel

They particularly love getting into your attic and making nests by shredding insulation and gnawing away at the wood. They’ll climb in through roof vents or sometimes they’ll chew their way in making holes that let in moisture and even other animals.

They’ll even use your home as their own personal bathrooms!

Can A Cute Little Squirrel Really Be A Fire Hazard???

Absolutely. A squirrel can chew through electrical wires and cause a significant risk of a house fire. That’s a pretty good reason to make sure squirrels aren’t living in your home, wouldn’t you say?

What is it EXACTLY that Gary’s Wildlife does about squirrels?

Each squirrel problem is unique, so we have unique solutions for each situation. For example…


If you have a squirrel in your living area, we’ll get it out and prevent any risk to your family.


If there is a squirrel stuck in your chimney or any other place, we’ll get him out.


If you have squirrels in your attic, we’ll get them out and fix it so they can’t come back.


If you are unsure about whether or not squirrels have been occupying your attic, we will do a thorough inspection of your home and recommend a course of action for you.

How Can You “Fix It So The Squirrels Don’t Come Back”?

Through a systematic process called exclusion, Gary’s Wildlife will make it so that there’ll be a better chance of a 6-year-old beating up the U.S. Marines than a squirrel getting into your home.

  • Gary’s removes any squirrels who are currently in your home
  • Gary’s inspects every inch of your home for possible entry points and seals up any gaps that are found. (This also helps prevent any other wildlife from entering your home.)
  • Gary’s installs special chimney caps that won’t allow squirrels easy access to your home anymore. (Chimney caps include a lifetime guarantee.)

Mrs. Vaughn from Duxbury, Massachusetts had squirrels in her attic causing all sorts of problems. Read about how we helped her. Call us at and we’ll go over exactly what we can do about your squirrel problem.

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

-Nancy from Duxbury