Extreme Attic Makeover – Bat Edition

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“I have a 6400 square foot duplex in Wellesley that I must have bats removed from…” Liz, Wellesley, MA

Liz had called us with a unique, but not uncommon “bats in the attic” problem. She wanted to sell one-half of the duplex she owned in Wellesley. It was so bad for him and his wife, that every trip to Dartmouth was also a lesson in bat removal.

What A Load Of Crap!

In the process of preparing the home for sale, Liz hired a home inspector. The home inspector found that the entire attic was littered with bat remains and piles of bat droppings. To make matters worse both air handlers in the attic were covered completely with guano and below the hole that most of the bats were using to come in and out of the attic was a two-foot high pile of bat poo. Ewww.

The Pink Panther Is No Match For 50 Bats In The Attic…

Liz had also contracted an insulation company to insulate the walls and attic. When they got into the attic, they disturbed the bat colony and had 50+ bats flying around their heads. So needless to say, as long as Liz had bats she would get no insulation. Even if she did, the bat droppings and urine would ruin it again very quickly. It was time to bring in the big guns. That was when she called us. …And 50 Bats In The Attic Are No Match For Gary, Rob, And “Big Red” Liz had had enough. She wanted the bats out of her house, and the attic spotless before she returned from her trip to the UK. Tight schedule, but we’re animal control specialists. We’re used to working under pressure! Everything was arranged, she was off to enjoy her vacation, and we were off to work!

Run In With The Nosy Neighbors

As I performed my usual outside perimeter inspection of the house, a neighbor quietly strolls up and asks what I’m up to. When I informed her on what company I was with and what I was there for she laughed and said that this house has been known as the “bat house” for many years. She said the last owners were always chasing bats in the summer months.

It’s Time To Kick Some Bat!

During the bat removal process, Rob and “Big Red” methodically closed all the cracks and crevices around the building. They installed one-way doors on several active bat entry points, including the most active hole by the front dormer. The bats are now free to leave, and once they do, they won’t be able to come back. Ever. Five days later we returned to ensure that all the bats had gone and to remove the one-way doors. We also began the attic cleanup, completely removing all the old nasty insulation and all the pounds of bat droppings that had accumulated over the years. As an added bonus, we disinfected and deodorized the attic making it more comfortable for the insulation crew.

Success…And THEN Some

All the work was completed on time and the sale of the duplex went through without any delays. Did you really expect anything less from the company with the 100% success rate?

“Thank you for your timely attention to my particular situation. It is refreshing to know there are still some companies that actually do what they promised, show up on time, and complete the work as stated in the contract. I’m impressed. Do you guys remove other kinds of pests too? Like… Husbands?”

Sorry we don’t. But I do know a guy named “Big Tony” who might be able to help you out! (Just kidding! No nasty letters please.) Interesting Side Note: Remember the nosy neighbor? She ended up contacting us and asked us to perform a complete bat removal and bat prevention program. It seems she did not want to risk having the now homeless bats from Liz’s house making a new home for themselves in hers. Very smart! You can now add two more houses to the list of bat free homes in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Need help now? Call 508-946-0060 immediately.

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

-Nancy from Duxbury