“A Bat In Her Bedroom, Her Attic Infested With Dozens Of Bats, Enormous Piles Of Guano… And We Took Care Of It All”

“Hurry! There’s a bat in my house! What do I do?!”

That’s the call we got from Mrs. Hambly. Little did she know, that little bat was just the tip of the iceberg. Soon after the call, I met Mrs. Hambly and performed a complete inspection of the exterior and interior of her home. She described the classic symptoms of a bat infestation… and we knew exactly what to do.

You Won’t Believe What We Found In The Hambly Home

After the inspection, the problem was obvious. The bats were using several openings around the house to gain access to the attic. Some were coming in through the dormers, others were getting in the ridge vents at the top of the roof, and yet others were using the openings in the flashing around the chimney. All these hidden entryways combined brought in a total of over 50 bats!

The Proof Was In The Pudding…

What we found next was definite proof she had a large bat colony in her attic:

Bat droppings mound

Here’s a closer look at one of the mounds of bat droppings we found in her attic. With piles of bat droppings like these around the chimney and on the insulation, you can bet she had a large colony of bats. This tends to happen in attics that are rarely used. Also, this particular bat colony had probably lived in Mrs. Hambly’s attic for quite some time.

Even Though Her Bat Colony Infestation Was Large And Long-Lived, Our Proven Methods Worked Like A Charm And Our 100% Success Remains Unblemished I explained the bat exclusion process to her in great detail, explaining our one-way doors which let the bats leave at night but prevent them from returning. I also pointed out the openings that needed to be sealed. We immediately went to work bat-proofing her home. She was relieved to find there was a permanent solution to her situation and since we have a 100% success rate, she felt very confident we could do the job right to protect her and her family from the bats invading her home. We completed the entire project in less that 3 days, and she has not had a bat visit her home since.

“Thanks Gary, it was wonderful. I didn’t expect you to go out of your way and do all that.”

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

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