“A Freaked-Out Family In Franklin, MA Gets An Emergency ‘Bat Intervention’ And ‘Attic Makeover’…”

It was early Monday morning and the phone rang… “Do you come to Franklin, MA to get rid of bats? I have bats in my house.” Before I could answer, she began screaming. Apparently, a bat had gotten in the bedroom.

The next time I heard from Mary Frerotte, she called me from a hotel room. She told me the whole story from the hotel phone because her family was too scared to return to their own home. The bats had taken control.

“We woke up to some kind of thumping sound against the walls inside our house. My husband went to investigate and found a bunch of bats flying around inside of our house.”

She asked me if we could fix her problem with bats. Right then and there, I asked her the following questions about the bat problem in her house: Do you hear noises coming from the attic at night? Yes, it sounds like we have mice. Sometimes we hear a scratching sound in the ceiling. Have you ever had bats in your house before? Yes. We get them about once a year, usually in the middle of summer. Once, a bat flew in a door we left open. Another time we found a bat on our ceiling fan Do you use your attic? No. Do you ever smell an ammonia smell on hot humid days? Yes. We think it’s just from the attic being so hot.

These answers told me it was time for me to personally meet with Mary at her home in Franklin, Massachusetts. She had a problem with bats in the house and I knew we could help her.

When I arrived, I spent some time chatting with Mary and answering all her questions. Then, it was time to go inside and begin the full bat inspection. She had told me about a bathroom under construction, so I checked that first. What a mess. They had pulled down the sheet rock from the ceiling and on the floor was a pile of bat droppings.

“Do you know what that brown stuff is?” I asked. “Mice poop?” “Well, the good news is: You probably don’t have mice. You’re actually standing in bat guano, not mice scat.”

Next stop…the attic.

Upon entering the attic space I could instantly smell the familiar scent of a bat colony. Bat guano, bat urine, and the summer heat all combine into a not-so-pleasant ammonia smell.

Bat droppings in attic

The droppings covered the attic floor from one end of the attic to the other. This was a bat problem that had been going on for a while. It turns out the bats were getting into the attic through the chimney flashing. Right next to that was the bathroom ceiling. So during the construction on the bathroom, there was a hole between the attic and the bathroom big enough to fit a car through. On the night that Mary called me; the bats probably just came down into the house and then weren’t able to find their way back out again. I then showed Mary the droppings on the outside of the house underneath where the bats had been resting under the trim boards. She had seen them from time to time but had no idea what they were. She had just assumed they were some kind of bug nest or something.

To make it safe for Mary and her family to return to the house, I went back and rounded up all the bats from inside the house. I then taped a sheet of plastic over the hole in the bathroom ceiling to keep the bats from getting back in the house. Mary and I sat down to discuss a more permanent solution to her bat problem. She asked about our 100% success-rate bat removal process and I explained everything to her in great detail. We talked about how we were going to get the bats out, I explained how we were going to KEEP them out, and we discussed all the options for removing the bat guano from her home.

She was so pleased that she found someone that could take care of her bat problem as well as clean up the mess that the bats left behind. We started that day and soon Mary and her family were added to our list of satisfied customers.

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

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