Squirrels Attack Garage In Weston, MA

“Squirrels are eating all my stuff. I have a detached garage and have had a squirrel infestation problem for the past three years and now I have had enough.”

This is a common phone call we get from people who are frustrated after all their own attempts to solve their squirrel problems have failed.

She Called The Garage Her “Squirrel Cage”

After taking Mrs. Needre’s call, we arranged to meet with her at her home at a time that was convenient for her. As she showed me around the garage, it was clear what had been going on. It’s no wonder why she called the garage her “squirrel cage”. The only difference was the squirrels were coming and going as they pleased – gaining access by climbing the fence next to the garage and entering above the newly modified overhead garage doors. Once above this area, the squirrels would wiggle through the openings in the wall and into the room.

She Gave Us A Complete License To Kill

At first, she thought they were cute, but after having to throw out several boxes of stored keepsakes, Mrs. Needre told me it was time to get serious. She told us to do whatever we have to do… “just kill the little buggers”. Well truthfully, killing isn’t our “thing”. Besides, even if we did kill them, it would only be a temporary fix anyway. Squirrels are very smart, and others would find out how to get in soon enough. After explaining the (squirrel removal process)(LINK) we use, she made a quick phone call to her husband. They decided to let us fix their squirrel problem our way.

A Happy Ending To 3 Years Of Squirrels In The Garage

We screened in 20 feet of opening above the garage doors, temporarily installed a one-way door to let the squirrels out, and we set several humane squirrel traps on the roof to catch and remove the squirrels from the area. When we were complete, the garage looked great, and the squirrels were gone. To this date, she has not had to remove any more torn up boxes with her valuables inside them. She can start using her garage for storage again.

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

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