“Frustrated Homeowner in Sharon, Massachusetts Wanted To Know Why She Kept Catching Mice In Her Basement”

“How can I keep mice out of my house?”

A frustrated homeowner in Sharon, Massachusetts wanted to know why she kept catching mice in her basement with every single trap she set. She was catching 3-4 mice a week in her basement for almost 2 months. She was fed up with all the mice droppings on her washing machine and on the floor around her fridge and wanted to know how to stop them from getting into her house. I met with Mrs. Goldstein and listened to her mouse trapping stories. I then followed her around as she showed me how she attempted to mouse-proof her home by stuffing steel wool into any gaps and openings she could find. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t cutting it.

There Were More Mice Than At Disneyworld… And They Had Her Surrounded

As I inspected the attic space with her she was shocked to find out that more mice were living in her attic. She said she never heard any noises coming from the ceiling, but once we saw all the mouse droppings in the insulation we knew that Mrs. Goldstein not only had mice in her basement but in her attic as well. They were coming at her from above as well as below.

How’d They Get Up There?

I found where someone had brought a cable wire into the attic by punching a hole through the gable vent screen by the chimney on the side of the house. The mice were climbing on the side of the brick chimney up to and across the cable wire right into the attic. It was a tailor-made mini mouse expressway.

The Next Time You Get Lost In The Dark… Just Do What Mice Do (Okay, Maybe Not)

Mice urinate as they travel to mark their way. They can smell their path even in the pitch dark. So as she was trapping the mice in the house, other mice would pick up on the same urine trail and follow it right into the attic. It was an endless cycle. Mrs. Goldstein had finally seen enough and pleaded with us to fix her mouse problem once and for all.

There Is Always A Solution

When mice are in the house, there is always a way for them to get in. Since that is true, there is ALSO always a way to seal up that opening and prevent the mice from coming back. That is why we have such an exceptional success rate. We know how to find those holes and plug ’em up. I explained for Mrs. Goldstein our process of sealing the house from top to bottom. I would be filling any voids or cracks a matchbook could fit through or any hole the size of a dime or larger. (You’d be surprised at what a mouse can fit through.) Since she was already having success trapping the mice herself, we agreed to let her continue. After the house was sealed she only caught 2 more mice. These mice must have been inside prior to the sealing. Needless to say, since then Mrs. Goldstein has been very, very happy.

“I know people say it can’t be done but mouse prevention does work if done properly. Like Gary said, ‘If there are no openings to let mice in, mice just can’t get in’. After being bothered by mice and trapping them myself because my husband would have nothing to do with them, I can say my mouse problem has been solved and is a thing of the past. No more mice and no more mice poop for me to clean up. Thank’s Gary and Rob for a great job!”

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