“How We Stopped Mrs. Smith’s Home From Smelling Worse Than A Skunk…”

“My house smells like s____!” (Actually, she said it smelled like skunk… what were you thinking?)

She said the smell was even worse on wet and windy days. We knew she couldn’t wait any longer so we made an appointment to help her the very next day. Rob met with Mrs. Smith and performed a complete inspection of the home. At two locations around a three-season room, Rob noticed dig outs that some skunks had made to gain access under the room. Footprints were found in the dirt confirming an active skunk den lurking underneath. However, the skunks we found there were not the source of the terrible smell.

What Could Possibly Smell Even Worse Than A Skunk?

Skunks do not smell unless they spray (skunks only spray when they are very anxious or upset). HOWEVER, a dead skunk will certainly cause an odor like the one Mrs. Smith described. Sure enough, further inspection revealed a dead skunk just out of sight under the three-season room.

Keeping The Skunks Away From The Smith Home For Good

Rob suggested a precise course of action…

  1. Remove the dead skunk
  2. Deodorize the area
  3. Completely screen in the area around the three-season room
  4. Install a one-way door to allow the resident skunks a way to exit the crawl space beneath the room, but not return
  5. Once the skunks have all left, fix it so they can’t come back

Mrs. Smith agreed the exclusion procedure was the best way to remove the skunks and prevent this from ever happening again.

The Sweet Smell Of Success

Rob was able to remove the dead skunk and completely deodorize the area that day. The exclusion was scheduled and completed the same week. Mrs. Smith was so happy, she has taken her home back, the odor is gone and the skunks have moved away.

“Thanks Gary (and Rob too :)). I would’ve had no idea what to do, but you guys took care of the problem very quickly and professionally. Thanks again.”

No problem, Mrs. Smith. Run-ins with skunks happen quite frequently around here. We were just doing our job.

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

-Nancy from Duxbury