“Intruders Were Chewing Their Way Right Into Her Home…”

“My kids would wake up frightened in the middle of the night. They heard thumping, running, and scratching sounds coming from the attic. They thought our house was haunted or something.”

From Mrs. Vaughn’s description of the noises coming from her attic, it sounded more like mice or squirrels than ghosts. Nonetheless, it was disturbing her family’s sleep and causing quite a nuisance. So she called us for help.

Come To Find Out, The Noises Were The Least Of Her Troubles

Our first step was to identify the root of the problem. We performed a complete exterior inspection. Sure enough, there were chewed vents and tea-like stains on the soffits. During our interior inspection, we found something more specific. Droppings. Mice And Squirrels Living Together In Perfect Harmony… IN MRS. VAUGHN’S HOUSE! Flying squirrels, gray squirrels, and mice all have distinct droppings. We found them all in her attic. Not only do mice and squirrels make all sorts of noises at night, but they also chew up the framework, urinate in the attic, and chew electrical wiring – causing a fire hazard. She needed to get them out and keep them out before anything more serious happened. We pointed out the evidence to Mrs. Vaughn and presented her with a list of options, describing the pros and cons of each. She decided on a full squirrel exclusion and mouse baiting program.

Our Failsafe System For Solving Rodent Problems

This means finding all the areas where the squirrels are gaining access to the house and installing special one-way door devices. The one-way door devices allow the squirrels to exit the attic but don’t allow them to get back in. Just for added security, we also seal up all the remaining areas which are potential entry points and fix the areas rodents may be attracted to in the future. We literally start at one corner of the house and work our way through the entire structure, sealing any openings or possible entry points. Unfortunately, some holes are supposed to be there. Like vents, for instance. We use special heavy-duty screening in the vents to keep them functioning but also keep the rodents out. Sealing all the gaps will help keep both the mice and squirrels out of the home. In addition to the exclusion, we place bait stations for the mice in the attic, basement, and garage allowing us to monitor the mouse situation very closely.


This procedure is exactly what we did for Mrs. Vaughn. She couldn’t live with the rodents in her house anymore, and she didn’t have to. After our thorough exclusion, she can feel like she has her house back, because she does!

“Gary, The noises are gone and there’s no more damage to our home. I couldn’t be happier.”

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“Thanks so much for the help with the skunk problem, your exclusion worked perfectly and the odor is gone. You guys are great.”

-Nancy from Duxbury