There’s A Masked Critter In My Home!

Need help now? Call 508-946-0060 immediately. Remember, Gary’s Wildlife has an exceptional success rate removing raccoons. Raccoons cause serious problems that you shouldn’t take chances with.

IMPORTANT: Raccoons commonly hibernate and raise their young in chimneys. If you suspect there is a raccoon in your chimney, do NOT light a fire or open your damper. You don’t want an angry raccoon running around your home! Raccoons are certainly very cute, but they are also perhaps one of the most destructive wild animals in Massachusetts. They cause serious problems for property, pets, and people… and the raccoon population continues to skyrocket making these issues hard to ignore.

TEST: Do you have a raccoon or raccoons in your home?

  • Do you hear noises coming from your attic?
  • How about scratching sounds coming from your fireplace?
  • Any loud noises coming from your fireplace?
  • Can you hear sounds of baby raccoons? (They sound like baby birds chirping.)
  • Have you noticed damage to the outside of your home?
  • Is there an odor coming from your attic?
  • Are there urine stains on the ceilings below your attic?
  • Have you ever seen a raccoon in close proximity to your home, like on your deck or porch?

Each one of these symptoms could mean that there is a raccoon or raccoons in your home. If you would like to speak with a professional to be sure, call us at 508-946-0060.

Damages To Your Property

Raccoons are destructive by nature and often tear things apart for no apparent reason. What compounds this problem is that they are very strong and have the ability to do great damage to all sorts of personal property. There is a large list of damages that raccoons can cause to your home.

Roof damage from raccoon

Here is an example of the type of damage that a raccoon can cause to a roof:

Lawn damage from raccoon

When searching for food, raccoons can do a number on your lawn too. This is a picture of a lawn torn up by a raccoon that was “grubbing”

Interior damage from raccoon

Here’s an example of interior damage. You’ll see that the raccoon trampled the insulation and tore up ductwork. You can bet this person’s heating bills would have gone way up if the raccoon was not stopped and the damage repaired! Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover raccoon damage.

They’ll also tear the insulation off pipes, bring in thousands of fleas, defecate and urinate, and chew on electrical wires posing a serious risk of fire. They’ll tear holes in your roof which causes leaks, water damage, and allows any number of other critters to get in. Obviously, this is not something to ignore. If you would like advice from a professional, call us at: 508-946-0060.

No Matter How Expensive, Property CAN Still Be Fixed. However, Raccoons Also Cause Serious Concerns For Your Family And Pets

First and foremost is the fact that raccoons are considered a high-risk animal for carrying disease. They carry primarily rabies and canine distemper, but also their own species of parasitic roundworm in their digestive tract (known as Baylisascaris procyonis). Droppings from a host of raccoon are infested with this roundworm and actually considered a biohazard. Coming in contact with infested droppings or breathing in the dried roundworm eggs poses a serious health risk for both people and pets.

Take Back Your Home…

It goes without saying that if you have a raccoon or raccoons trying to live in or around your home, something has to be done before the situation gets any worse. Gary’s Wildlife has multiple resources to make sure that the raccoons are gone and that they won’t come back.

  • Trap and remove raccoons from your attic, chimney, or anywhere else in your home.
  • Install chimney caps to prevent raccoons from returning (our special chimney caps include a lifetime warranty).
  • And much more. Give us a call at 508-946-0060 and we will discuss your personal situation in detail

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