“Major Bat Problems in Dartmouth Massachusetts”

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“Why do I keep getting bats in the house?”

By the time he called us, Brian was frustrated and desperate to find a solution to the recurring bat troubles at his summer home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It was so bad for him and his wife, that every trip to Dartmouth was also a lesson in bat removal.

“ENOUGH! We’re Going Completely Batty”

Understandably, they’d both had enough of the bat problems. Enough chasing these overgrown rodents with wings, enough running around the vacation home with a butterfly net, and enough worrying about a bat getting tangled in your hair while you sleep!

The Real “Bat Man” To The Rescue!

Brian had heard through the grapevine that people call me “The Real Bat” so he was relieved to hear that I had some availability to take a look at his situation down in Dartmouth. I met with Brian to do a bat inspection and explain our process of removing the bats and keeping them out. A quick check around the perimeter of the home showed the usual openings around the dormers where they meet the main roof line. The pile of bat droppings on the shingles by the dormer could be easily seen from the ground. These were my first clues that a very large colony of bats was living in the attic.

My Bat Senses Were Tingling…

Next, I took my step ladderup stairs to investigate the attic space of the home. I had a feeling I would see something interesting in this attic :). As the attic hatch went up, immediately the strong smell of bat guano wafted down into the hall.

Hoooowhee, That Stinks

When Brian got a good whiff of the ammonia smell he asked what the heck was going on. In the 40+ years that he had owned this property he has never once gone into the attic. Obviously, the attic was now the source of all of Brian’s bat problems. As I peered into the dark attic with my flashlight, it became very evident that he has had bats for many years. The piles of bat poo were amazing. There were 4 huge areas of bat droppings, some were as big as 4′ x 8′ and up to 8-10 inches deep. Bat urine crystals hung from the main beam and were over 8 inches long. The bats were too numerous to count. It was like something you’d see on the Discovery Channel.

That Explains The Attic, But Why Are There Bats In My Living Room?

The house was built with two massive chimneys, one at each end of the house. Being built in the interior of the home (and with no fire stops), the bats could easily maneuver from the attic to the basement and then up the basement stairs into the living space of the home. If we can get the bats out of the attic (and KEEP them from returning), then that will solve all of Brian’s bat problems.

To The Batmobile!

I told Brian about our bat exclusion process, about the 100% success rate, and about the fact that the number of bats was irrelevant. Even though there may have been hundreds of bats in the attic, it didn’t matter. The bat-proofing process is still the same. I also told Brian his biggest concern at this point should be the removal of all the bat droppings and soiled insulation in the attic. He couldn’t agree more. We conducted a complete bat exclusion and a thorough attic-cleaning. The bat exclusion was completed that week and we returned in two weeks to completely clean up the attic. We got rid of all the smelly bat scat and the useless insulation, and we also disinfected and deodorized all the woodwork in the attic. We then re-insulated to its original condition.

Ahhhh… Much Better!

Now that the house is bat-free, the foul odor on the second floor is gone, and the insulation is working, he is really enjoying his summer home the way it was meant to be enjoyed. No more black flying rodents at 11:00 PM on a Friday night after a 4-hour drive!

“I would recommend you guys to anyone. You have been a pleasure to work with. I really thought we were going to have bats as ‘pets’ for life!” – Brian

Need help now? Call 508-946-0060 immediately.

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