Have You Noticed Animal Poop In Your Attic??

We have also noticed an increase in the amount of attic cleanouts we have done. It seams that the cold drawn out winter has kept the animals inside more than usual, creating more of a mess than normal. Grey Squirrels, Flying Squirrels and Raccoons have been the dirty culprits.

It seems most people cant stand the thought of animal fecal matter piled up above their head in the attic, and insist we take the animal waist along with the animals. So as we go into the spring season one must be careful investigating the subtle scratched in the ceiling . It very well could be larger than a mouse and coming face to face with a momma Raccoon, protective momma squirrel or a colony of bats could be a little more than your mouse trap could handle!!!

We’ve been *flat out busy* this winter with plenty of grey and flying squirrel exclusion work.
Mice are very active too!

You see, they’ve stored all their food “safely” away in your crawl spaces, attics, basements – even inside the walls of your home! – a good indicator is when you hear scratching, gnawing and bumping sounds!

Grey squirrels are also beginning their breeding cycle this creates plenty of activity

in the attic as males are busy chasing reluctant females!

Night time temps have been at all-time lows for the year, which makes nocturnal flying squirrels reluctant to leave and spend more time playing in your attic.

(One lady called us and said the noise sounds like “a bowling ally in my attic!”)

Bats are mostly tucked away safe and sound – hibernating in the depth of the building structure – though they will occasionally make an appearance during the February thaw. (They’re just out for a quick drink and a stretch of their wings – as cold returns they go back to sleep!)

Needless to say, we remain quite busy with home inspections of things that go thump in the night.

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