Mouse Season Is Upon Us – And There Is NO End In Sight!!

Phones have been ringing off the hook since July…

The mouse population in MA and RI is *BOOMING* this year! We’re definitely seeing more mice than normal.

The calls started coming in this past July and there really is no end in site.

With the onset of cooler weather, what I call the yearly “Mouse Exodus” is taking place (only there’s no Charlton Heston playing a mouse leader here!)

You see, mice are starting to migrate from the fields and woodland to your home. It’s a yearly nightmare many homeowner’s have to endure.

Of course, our mouse removal experts take care of everything from trapping the mice, mouse-proofing your home by eliminating any entry points, and of course cleaning up the mess left by the nasty rodents.

If you need help getting rid of mice just give us a call, we’re experts at solving all of your rodent removal needs.

– Gary

P.S. This is a first hand look at what mice can do to your insulation!!


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