The Cold and snow has not slowed down mother nature!!

The flying squirrel population seems to be growing at a good clip.. we’ve noticed they’re busy as ever, colonizing attic spaces for the winter.

Some areas of Massachusetts Have higher populations of “flyer’s” than other parts– Metro West sure has been keeping us on the go!

You’ll also notice a healthy population of Grey squirrels– with their breading season approaching, things are going to get crazy for a lot of home owners!

Mice have also been real active– with all the acorns last fall, they’ve had plenty of time to store away many meals in their homes for the cold weather. Unfortunately, they think that basements and attics make a great retreat for the winter… so their home is actually YOUR home!!

If you hear any noises night or during the day, odds are you have one or more of the three rodents mentioned above.

The phones are a buzz with frantic homeowners wanting our expert help removing baby Raccoons and baby Squirrels

You see, the babies have been deposited in their attic spaces by the adults which have found that an attic is a perfect place to bring the next generation of wildlife into this world.

Bat Season Starting Early This Year?

We have also noticed increased calls for bats in buildings, this may indicate that the bat season has begun a little early. This is actually the perfect time of year to perform a bat exclusion as the young bats usually don’t arrive till the end of June into July.

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